STORM aims to implement a long term self-sustainable excellence network dedicated to provide services to external customers for the implementation of innovative, sustainable new business and cooperation model solutions for the all-round recycling and/or exploitation of raw materials from end of life complex products with more attention for secondary products. In fact, the STORM Network will provide a unique opportunity for SMEs to access a coordinated group of excellent expertise in the eco-innovation field.

The project will provide (and optimize where necessary) tools to support companies that are interested in implementing practical measures, which are aligned with the concepts of industrial symbiosis and the circular economy. The Network coordinated approach will ensure also the addressing of energy efficiency issues, the minimization of environmental impact and the economic sustainability.

Moreover, the project will offer guidance to local and regional authorities when planning new industrial parks or revitalizing existing areas and it will help to achieve a higher level of resource efficiency and greater harmonization of national waste strategies.

Following a Product Centric approach, the project will cover in particular valuable materials, such as raw materials, metals scrap, WEEE and end-of-life tyres in order to recirculate in the economy its materials and components (wide range of precious and specialty metals, critical materials, plastics, rubber).

Jul 22, 2016 02:10 PM