In the framework of the strategies and tools for closing cycles of resources and circular economy, a growing interest towards “industrial symbiosis” stands out, addressed at making the residues of one activity available for another one. This approach is not only a potential factor of competitiveness for industrial activities, but also a factor of enrichment, since all resources are valorised locally and not dissipated, delegated or given away to third parties. The European Commission assigned to industrial symbiosis a strategic role in the efficient use of resources, clearly identified in various planning and funding documents . The actions of the STORM NoI will find complementarity with other symbiosis initiatives on EU market. In particular, ENEA is one of the 10 founding members of the European Industrial Symbiosis (EUR-ISA) Association, all of whom are organisations actively engaged in the implementation of successful industrial symbiosis networks across Europe today. The Association, which is based in Brussels, is a not for profit organization and has been set up to help deliver the recommendations made recently by the European Resource Efficiency Platform (EREP), which provides high-level guidance to the Commission, Member States and the private sector to help turn political will into action on the ground. Other important members of EUR-ISA are International Synergies Limited (actively involved in developing industrial symbiosis programmes in several European countries and worldwide), Motiva and Sitra (who run a network in Finland based on the NISP model), Essenscia from Belgium (who manage SYMBIOSE in Flanders) and the Danish Business Authority (who manage the Green Industrial Symbiosis Programme in Denmark). Through the collaboration with EUR-ISA and other symbiosis initiatives, we can develop a knowledge-sharing platform enabling the industrial symbiosis networks to share data, best practices, innovation and expertise and enable wide scale and speedy implementation across Europe based on the proven models.



Jul 26, 2016 10:48 AM