TU Bergakademie


Being a University of Resources, the TU Bergakademie - focuses comprehensively on securing the supply of natural resources along the entire added value chain. It covers the spectrum from the exploration for new deposits, the low impact, environmentally sound extraction of the raw materials as well as the development of alternative energy technologies and efficient materials right up to the recycling process. The basic idea of sustainable development remains at the forefront at all times. The TU Bergakademie Freiberg thus provides society with the basis for an environmentally compatible supply of resources which are essential for universal economic growth. Special focus of the Institute of Metal Forming, which is part of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, is the development of resource-efficient production and processing technologies for metal and metal-based materials on the basis of solid forming and thermomechanical treatment. This includes the efficient production of materials with defined properties as well as developments which help to save energy and raw materials, reduce emissions or increase the usage of recycled materials. For its research the Institute of Metal Forming is well equipped with state of the art and partly unique laboratory and testing facilities allowing experimental development up to near-production pilot scale.

 Expertise in raw materials/industrial symbiosis

  • Development of production and processing technologies for recycled materials
  • Concept development for reusing recycled and waste metal materials
  • Comprehensive facilities for experimental research and testing of metal forming and materials processing technologies (from laboratory scale up to near-industrial pilot scale)
  • Materials testing and assessment of processability
  • Access to industrial partners (e.g. metal production, metal forming, automotive industry)
  • In connection with other institutes of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg:
  • Mechanical and metallurgical treatment of materials
  • Development, testing and assessment of recycling technologies
  • Mineral processing technologies and machines


CONTACT: Dr. Franz Berge
WEBSITE: www.imf.tu-freiberg.de