Bay Zoltan



Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research (BZN) is Hungary’s largest public institution for applied research. Its mission is to support the development of sustainable competitive advantage for Hungarian companies through innovation services and technology transfer, in close cooperation with the private sector. The Institute’s foremost objective is to provide state of the art solutions to its national and international partners. With 250 researchers and other staff at 4 different Research Institutes, among them 36 qualified professors and PhDs, BZN runs its operations at 6 Hungarian cities. The activities of BZN include the state-run incubation of SME.

BZN has relevant experience in the development of new composite materials, product and technology development, including bio material processing to high technological polymers, bioceramics and composites. Development of polymer-based bioactive filter media, development of titanium implants, plastic recycling, and ceramic injection moulding feedstock, nano-additives and flame retardant systems.

BZN’s expertise in raw materials and industrial symbiosis

BZN has expertise in the development of nanostructured materials, such as metallic and ceramic nano-particles, nano-tubes and composites based on them. We also have expertise in biorefinery. Our competence is to find the optimal solution to produce the organic compounds aimed at using the optimal microorganisms and/or biocatalysators. Finally, we have expertise in a practical knowledge-transfer toolkit for researchers and industrial SMEs, providing information of funding opportunities for knowledge transfer and covering all stages of the knowledge transfer process. Based on its historical and geographical position, and due to its active contacts with Eastern Partnership countries and third countries, BZN is able to attract talents in Europe. In the EIT Raw Materials consortium BZN can strengthen the synergies in the above fields and boost the trans-disciplinary knowledge transfer within the knowledge triangle.

In EIT Raw Materials, BZN is currently participating in 7 Network of Infrastructure, 3 Learning and Education, and 1 Matchmaking and Networking projects.

CONTACT : (Ms) Katalin Kurucz