TECNALIA Research & Innovation is the first privately funded applied research centre in Spain and one of the leading such centres in Europe. A combination of technology, tenacity, efficiency, courage and imagination.

We identify and develop business opportunities through applied research. At TECNALIA we are organised in 7 fully interconnected Business Divisions. Our best asset is our team, made up of more than 1,500 experts who work to transform knowledge into GDP in order to improve people's quality of life by generating business opportunities for companies.

In the Energy and Environment Business Division, we generate and develop business opportunities for the different agents of the value chain within the Energy and Environment sectors, whereby we are a renowned technological agent in the development of innovative and sustainable solutions that face the energy and environmental challenges of industry and society.

The main research focus of the Circular Economy Team at the Energy and Environment Division deals with the monitoring and assessment of existing methods, the development of new indicators, and the implementation of state-of-the-art metrics for a comprehensive characterization of environmental burdens on various sectors. We have extensive experience in the application of LCA-based tools such as C-LCA, LCC, SLCA, LCSA, carbon, environmental and footprints, I/O accounting, as well as in the application of hybrid methods like DEA and other economic-environmental tools.

Additionally, we have also developed integrated sustainability assessment indicators at different territorial levels, including cities and regions, most of which have been developed together with other EU RTD partners.

Finally we have background on joint programs on regional industrial symbiosis projects.

TECNALIA’s expertise in raw materials and industrial symbiosis

Besides STORM project, TECNALIA have participated in the folowing related projects:

  • Co-BERRI: Eco-Innovation in the Basque Country: Policies, Technology & Competitiveness (economic-environmental accounts of the Basque production system
  • New_innonet: Near-zero European Waste Innovation Networks;
  • Industrial Symbiosis in Gipuzkoa region (to create networks of industrial symbiosis to share waste and / or by-products in three local development agencies);

CONTACT: Javier del Pozo 
EMAIL: javier.delpozo@tecnalia.com
PHONE: +34 664 10 53 83
WEBSITE: www.tecnalia.com