AGH University of Science and Technology with 16 faculties, 39 135 students, 4 169 staff and 54 branches of science (including 200 specializations) is a leading Polish university in modern technologies. Research subject areas at AGH University of Science and Technology are as follows: Mining, Earth Sciences, Environment and Climate Changes, New Materials and Technologies, Energy and its Resources, Information Technologies, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Among others, research activities cover:

- environmental protection aspects and focuses at inter alia: the evaluations of environmental impact  caused by the installations and facilities; life cycle assessments (LCA) of products and processes; waste management and optimizations of industrial waste management systems; land reclamation  of the transformed post industrial/post mining areas;  quantitative and qualitative evaluation of soil contaminations, effects of mining activities upon the environment and upon the area development; transformations of the rock mass and area surface caused by underground mining, computer programs for forecasting transformations in the environment caused by mining activities; teledetective and photogrammetric methods for the purpose of environmental monitoring.

- mathematical and numerical modelling, including Finite Element Method, multi-scale modelling and meta-modelling (i.a. Cellular Automata, Artificial Neural Networks); in-house software, as well as commercial modelling FEM software; in-house software for characterization of numerical model parameters; optimization framework.

- Decision Support Systems; reasoning; knowledge representation.

The part of the AGH is Academic Computing Centre- Cyfronet, providing computational services with top-level HPC and grid-based hardware.

AGH’s expertise in raw materials and industrial symbiosis

The expertise of your organisation in raw materials/industrial symbiosis;

    • EIA of installations and facilities
    • LCA of products and processes including recycling and waste recovery processes
    • Optimization and modelling the waste management systems
    • Decision Support Systems for industry
    • Ontologies for foundry industry, business and technological rule based models for foundries, dynamic models of production and information flows in foundries
    • Data mining techniques for metal processing and foundry, original business and technological rules management system, original innovatory algorithms for production planning and scheduling
    • Casting alloys data and databases, empirical models of rules and processes in foundries

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