Uni MI Bicocca



The University Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB) was founded as autonomous organization on June, 10th 1998.
In short, UNIMIB includes 4 Schools and 16 Research Departments. In the Times Higher Education rankings 2015 dedicated to the best hundred universities with less than 50 years, the University was ranked 24th in the world, 1st in Italy. UNIMIB is a multidisciplinary University which trains professionals in various fields: economics and statistics, legal, scientific, medical, sociological, psychological and pedagogical and so on. It is a young, dynamic and innovative University, which in the space of few years has created an extensive network that includes many world-famous universities, research centers and top corporations.

UNIMIB’s expertise in raw materials and industrial symbiosis

The activity on raw materials at the University of UNIMIB encompasses different  scientific areas. 40 staff members (professors and assistant professors) are working on: biotechnologies applied to raw materials problems; data management and diffusion; physical and chemical activities to replace critical elements; recycling of raw materials and environmentally friendly processes; analyses of economic problems and development of efficient legislation proposals; social and cultural implications of industrial processes; communication strategies of activities related to extraction and recycling.  Collaborations with several leading manufacturing industries, e.g. include: Pirelli, Novamont, ENI, IBM, AT&T, Micron, Mossi-Ghisolfi (Bio-Chemtext), Diasorin.

A particularly strong collaboration exists between the Department of Business Administration, Finance, Management and Law (DiSEADE) and the Ministry of Economic Development. Every year DiSEADE present the annual economic and financial report on the mining industry in Italy. Moreover, in 2009 the Laboratory on Raw Materials was created among with UNIMIB, CRIET, ANIM, Assomineraria, AITEC and Ministry of Economic Development, ENEA, Confindustria Marmomacchine and ANEPLA. The Laboratory Raw Materials is an active community among the major institutions and operators in the extractive sector, with the aim of promoting the cultural development of the sector and the adoption of adjustment methods and management in line with the principles of sustainable development.

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