ENEA is the public Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. ENEA’s mission, with more than 2,700 employees working in 13 Research Centres all over Italy, is to support Italy's competitiveness and sustainable development through research activities and agency services in support of public administrations, private enterprises, with particular regard to SMEs, and citizens.

ENEA conducts research and innovation activities in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, nuclear energy. It hosts experimental laboratories and facilities, and also dedicates its technological innovation skills to cultural heritage conservation, agro-food, health, and the environment and it has also a proven and long expertise in the field of environment, innovative technologies, materials, raw materials, recycling and, regarding to education skills, it has many opportunities and tools for training in these areas that can affect at various levels users, such as technicians, professionals, businesses and public institutions.

It has a e-learning portal, ICT services for training, meeting rooms, tools and equipped classrooms that can be used for professional refreshment courses, beyond a dedicated web TV channel.

ENEA’s expertise in raw materials and industrial symbiosis

ENEA realized, implemented and manages the Industrial Symbiosis Platform (ISP). The ENEA ISP works according to the industrial symbiosis network model, where industrials symbiosis can happen between companies participating in the network through the registration to the website or the participation in workshops, and the willingness to share the resources (inputs, outputs or both) within the network. ENEA carried out several projects on industrial symbiosis at regional level in Italy: in Sicilia region ("Ecoinnovazione Sicilia" project), in Emilia Romagna region and in Lazio region. "Ecoinnovazione Sicilia" is cited as Italian best practices of eco-innovation, in the European Ecoinnovation Observatory (EIO, country profile Italy, 2014). On the other side ENEA’s activities have been cited as good practice examples for eco-innovation in Italy in the Eco-Innovation Observatory- EIO. Country report 2014. Eco-innovation in Italy (Author: Paresa Markianidou). 
ENEA actively participate in the G7 Alliance on Resource Efficiency.

Besides RefresCO project, ENEA coordinates other EIT KIC Raw materials projects, in particular:

  • PCRec – Product Centric Recycling (Network of Infrastructure)
  • STORM - Industrial Symbiosis for the Sustainable Management of Raw Materials (Network of Infrastructure)
  • EXTREME – Substitution of critical raw materials (CRMs) in components and coating used under extreme conditions (Network of Infrastructure)

Furthermore ENEA is partner of AVAR - Added Value Alumina Refining (Up-scaling project coordinated by Rusal), SSIC - Sustainability Support and Information Centre (Network of Infrastructure coordinated by Ghent University) and ERMAT - Efficient use of Residual Materials (Network of Infrastructure coordinated by Höganäs AB).

CONTACT : Laura Cutaia - Silvia Sbaffoni
PHONE: +39 06 30483306 -  +39 06 30483306
WEBSITE: www.enea.it