Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences was established in 1986 in Krakow as a constituent unit of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The Institute employs 101 persons. The Institute has particular experience in research on the effective mining and engineering geology, power and heat generation, environmental engineering and management, geology and cartography, geophysics, use of mineral resources, geothermal energy, energy policy, planning and forecasting in the energy and minerals sector, environmental protection and the underground storage of hazardous wastes. Within these areas, the scientific activities of the Institute are as follow: assessment of efficiency and profitability of new investments in the mineral resources economy and waste management; assessment of the possibilities and economics of unconventional energy sources use; life cycle assessment and life cycle cost analysis, waste management; analysis of risk; legal and economic aspects of industrial waste storage.

MEERI and Raw Materials

The Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences is a scientific and development organization which conducts basic studies as well as applied research on resources and energy at all stages of its prospecting, exploration, exploitation, preparation and utilization with an interdisciplinary approach involving technical, technological, economical, environmental, political and social aspects. Within this framework MEERI will be responsible for :

  • Analysis and assessment of cost-effectiveness and financial feasibility of investments, verifying the legitimacy of the planned investment in terms of its profitability;
  • Analysis and assessment of investment risk - identify the most significant risks that may be crucial to the success of the investment opportunities and an indication of active methods to control them, in particular the risk of technical and technological feasibility;
  • Analysis the impact on the investment of product, service environment: performing a full analysis of the potential environmental impact using the Life Cycle Assessment method (LCA), verifying the LCA analysis for compliance with ISO 1404x, eco - design;
  • Market analysis (selected industry in the country or abroad) - conducting market research on customers, competitors, products, and other issues occurring in the industry;
  • Implementation of technological expertise in the field of opportunities for established technical and operational parameters.

CONTACT: Łukasz Lelek
PHONE: (+48 12) 617-16-52