he SLOVENIAN NATIONAL BUILDING AND CIVIL ENGINEERING INSTITUTE (ZAG) is a public, non-profit, state owned body. Its main activities include fundamental and applied research, testing and measurements, and participation in the preparation of technical codes and standards. It is equipped with an advanced laboratory infrastructure, which provides high-quality performance in individual fields of activity. ZAG research is focused on the development of new materials and technologies that will help ensure sustainable development in Slovenia, as well as being of importance for the worldwide community. Participation in international projects makes it possible for ZAG's researchers to be in contact and share knowledge with top research groups from around the world.

Particular experience in research on the effective mining and engineering geology, power and heat generation, environmental engineering and management, geology and cartography, geophysics, use of mineral resources, geothermal energy, energy policy, planning and forecasting in the energy and minerals sector, environmental protection and the underground storage of hazardous wastes. Within these areas, the scientific activities of the Institute are as follow: assessment of efficiency and profitability of new investments in the mineral resources economy and waste management; assessment of the possibilities and economics of unconventional energy sources use; life cycle assessment and life cycle cost analysis, waste management; analysis of risk; legal and economic aspects of industrial waste storage.


ZAG’s expertise in raw materials and industrial symbiosis

Relevant expertise within EIT RAW MATERIALS is related with the recycling of waste from industry and mining in the building sector (including the immobilization of hazardous substances), cross-sector resource recovery, facilitating the circular economy and industrial symbiosis by linking together different sectors and creating new value chains, the remediation of brownfields, water remediation, development of new building materials (e.g. geopolymers, biopolymers, building composites with recycled materials), LCA and LCCA calculations for industry and the use of multi-decisional tools (IT tools).

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